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Information on how EBS Universität is dealing with the Coronavirus

The health and safety of our students, staff, lecturers, and all guests are critical to EBS Universität. As a university, we take our duty of care very seriously and have actively followed developments since the first reports on COVID-19 were published. We implement without delay any recommendations for action and behaviour provided by the Robert Koch Institute, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Federal Foreign Office and the health authorities.

Student at her digital workplace

In accordance with the latest government order, we will also support the objective of the state and federal governments as much as possible. This does not mean a complete closure of our campus or our university business, but it does mean a significant reduction in local presence.

In the following, we would like to inform you about the current situation at EBS Universität, provide answers to questions that are important to you, and offer practical help for everyday university life.

If you have questions that have not been addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help. Stay healthy!

Questions and Answers

Is it possible to access the campus / locations at present?

Yes, both the campus in Rheingau and the campus in Wiesbaden are open and can be visited. On 1 July 2021, teaching started in a hybrid form, combining face-to-face and distance learning.

To protect you and the entire EBS community, please present a negative Corona test result upon entering campus (this does not apply to vaccinated and recovered persons). Please take the test through trained staff at an official test centre. You can find Corona citizen testing centres nearby you here. Self-conducted self-tests are not sufficient for detection. The negative test result must not be older than 48 hours.

Furthermore, the hygiene concept takes effect at our locations:

  • Face masks are compulsory in all public areas (corridors, toilets, seminar and lecture rooms, libraries)
  • The basic rule is to keep 1.5 - 2 metres apart
  • Marked routes at all locations to avoid crowds gathering
  • Reduced occupation in offices and seminar rooms
  • Increased hygiene measures in offices and seminar rooms
  • We keep attendance lists (contact tracing)
  • Installation of air filtration systems to improve the air quality in the lecture rooms.

Is there currently any teaching at EBS?

From 1 July 2021, the hybrid study model (combination of attendance days and online teaching) will apply again. Students can attend all face-to-face lectures on-site or live from home. To keep lecture groups as small as possible and to be able to comply with spacing and other hygiene rules, our students will alternate between face-to-face lectures and live broadcasting. This model allows us maximum flexibility, given the constantly changing situation.

Our student’s health and well-being are critical to us. When developing our teaching concepts, we naturally take the safety regulations for universities and our students’ individual needs into account, e. g. visa issues for students from abroad or at-risk groups.

How is EBS keeping in contact with friends and sponsors during this time?

Whether a student, alumnus, corporate partner, or someone interested in studying at EBS, we are, of course, available as usual. Many employees are currently still working from home. It is possible to visit our locations, albeit on a small scale. For security reasons, we shift more significant to digital platforms.

Should you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone. If desired or even necessary, we will also be happy to arrange a video conference for you.

How is EBS supporting its students in dealing with this exceptional situation?

In this special time, in which we all have to deal with unpredictable issues, we are all faced with new challenges that need to be overcome. First, reflecting on oneself and one’s own thoughts and fears, often centered around the threat to our very existence. But also reflecting on interpersonal relationships and reorganizing oneself after the crisis are topics that will occupy us more than ever in the coming months. We, as a university, are happy to help our students in any way we can and have appointed several professional and experienced coaches who are available for online, free-of-charge coaching sessions.


Corona - Studierende in Gruppenarbeit

I will be starting my studies at EBS next time – will face-to-face teaching be possible again by that time?

Of course, your everyday study routine depends very much on pandemic developments and regulations issued by the legislator. If the situation and the legislator allow it, we would like to switch to face-to-face teaching as far as possible from the start of fall term 2021.

Of course, our student’s health and well-being are essential to us. When developing our teaching concepts, we naturally take the safety regulations for universities and the individual needs of our students into account, e. g. visa issues for students from abroad or at-risk groups.

One thing is sure: our study programmes will all start as planned, and we will offer as much face-to-face teaching as the situation allows.

I live abroad and am not sure whether I can enter Germany before my studies are due to begin - can or must I postpone the start of my studies?

You can start your studies in any case. If you have difficulties entering Germany, we will ensure that you are provided with the teaching material in digital form until you can be on campus.

Of course, we would like to provide face-to-face teaching as much as possible. If the situation and the legislator allow, we will switch to face-to-face lectures as far as possible.

I come from abroad – do I have to go into quarantine after arriving in Germany?

At present, this depends on which country you are arriving from. According to the model ordinance of the Federal Government, only people entering the Federal Republic of Germany from a risk area are obliged to quarantine (self-isolate) for a period of 14 days. However, as these regulations can change at any time, please make sure your information is up to date. You will find information about this, for example, on the websites of the Federal Foreign Office or the Federal Government.

What is the current situation regarding the search for accommodation?

**It is clear: if you are on-site, many things are more accessible. If the situation and the legislator allow, we would like to return to face-to-face lectures as far as possible.

If it is not possible for you to enter Germany directly, you can attend the lectures digitally. By broadcasting our courses live, we allow us to consider the unique circumstances of our international students or risk groups, for example.

It is certainly more beneficial for the students to get to know each other from the very beginning. Also, because many students are looking for accommodation in the term, it is still advisable to look for somewhere to live as early as possible.

Are preparatory courses in mathematics and English still going to be provided?

Yes, all preparatory courses will take place as planned. Our wish and aim are to hold the classes on campus. However, this very much depends on how the situation we are in develops until then. If the classroom option is not possible, we will offer preparatory courses in digital form. Even as a Zoom event, it is essential that the classes are as instructive and interactive as they would be live. Our lecturers are therefore professionally trained and experienced in using online teaching platforms.

We will send you current information and possible changes to your EBS e-mail address after enrolment.


Application platform start screen

Will there still be information events and open days?

Yes, we continue to offer many opportunities to learn more about EBS Universität and the range of programmes we offer. We moved all our on-campus information events to digital platforms. We have thought of many ways of informing you about life at EBS, for example, with online sample lectures, personal discussions with students or question & answer sessions with professors and staff. So you can find out everything you want to know about EBS from the safety of your own home and without physical contact but still, have the chance to “sniff” campus air and get to know the EBSpirit. Of course, individual appointments are also possible in this form. You will have the opportunity to revisit the campus individually. Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to arrange an appointment for you.

Can I apply for the coming fall term?

Teaching at EBS Universität is going ahead as planned. Since March 2020, the university moved internal processes and its entire teaching operations to digital, interactive platforms and created new, innovative teaching formats. We currently teach at EBS in a hybrid study model (combining face-to-face learning and online teaching). With this, we can deal with any scenario and will do everything possible but at the same time sensible and feasible, according to the regulations laid down by the legislator. Our goal is to switch to face-to-face courses as far as possible by the start of fall term 2021.

Is it possible to hand in language certificates or study aptitude tests such as the GMAT later?

By now, many test centres worldwide have reopened so that you can take language certificates or university entrance tests regularly.

For applicants who, due to the situation, are unable to visit one of the open test centres, the following alternatives are possible:

Proof of language

  1. The TOEFL ITP meets the requirements for studying at EBS Universität. You can take this test on the EBS campus. However, applicants who choose an International Track must additionally take a TOEFL iBt or IELTS, at the latest before the beginning of the semester abroad, to meet the requirements of the chosen partner university.

  2. An application without proof of language proficiency is initially possible for applicants of the Bachelor programme. The language certificate must be submitted later, by the end of the 2nd semester. Individual language skills are tested initially during the selection interview.

University entrance test

  1. As one solution, the GMAT or GRE (also known as GMAT Online and GRE at home) can also, under certain circumstances, be taken online from home.

  2. As a further solution for those who cannot take the GMAT or GRE online, we offer the EBSgrad in an online version and alternative.


Corona - Studierende Lernen am Campus

How are the study programmes currently running at EBS?

Since 1 July 2021, we have resumed teaching in the first step in a hybrid form – a combination of face-to-face days and online classes.

The hybrid study model includes two types of online lectures:

  1. We will stream all face-to-face lectures live, meaning that students can attend either way. Our students will switch between face-to-face lectures and live broadcasts to keep lecture groups as small as possible and comply with physical distancing and other hygiene rules.

  2. The second online teaching option will be provided as interactive Zoom sessions. This form is generally used for teaching by external lecturers and members of risk groups. This keeps lecturers travel to a minimum and protects us all. Your face-to-face and online learning combination depend on your study programme, the choice of courses, and your health and travel situation.

The hybrid study model ensures that direct exchange between students and teachers is maintained, and there is still room for discussion and interaction during the lectures. You can use digital breakout rooms for workshop formats and group work and spaces on campus - this, however, is subject to general hygiene regulations. Guest speakers from the business world will be ‘patched in’ to the online lectures. Using the chat function, you can ask questions, stimulate discussions, and be in direct exchange with experienced practitioners.

In other words, the full spectrum of teaching is still being provided. Books required for project work or final examinations are available from our libraries’ online database or on-campus, complying with the general hygiene regulations. Examinations will be taken at our locations, naturally in compliance with current hygiene and safety measures. In exceptional cases, it is possible to examine digital form as agreed with the examinations office.

To protect you and the entire EBS community, please present a negative Corona test result upon entering campus (this does not apply to vaccinated and recovered persons). Please take the test through trained staff at an official test centre. You can find Corona citizen testing centres nearby you here. Self-conducted self-tests are not sufficient for detection. The negative test result must not be older than 48 hours.

How is EBS maintaining networking activities?

A high level of interaction with companies will continue to be paramount during the study. The hybrid study model has also made it easier to integrate high-ranking guests remotely into the classroom, thus offering our students more diversity.

However, in times of online lectures and hybrid study models, we are looking to promote networking between students, lecturers, and practitioners. Therefore, we have developed the EBS+ programme and created various new formats to intensify the academic and practical exchange during the study course.

  • +Meet the Students
    Speed dating format for new students to get to know each other and to optimise networking.

  • +Meet the Germans
    Weekly online meetings for international students to learn all about German (work) culture

  • +Meet the Manager
    Regular presentations by senior managers from various companies and business sectors (online or on-campus). Key topic: how the work of a manager is changing during the pandemic.

  • +Meet the Alumni
    Regular practice-oriented lectures and workshops (online or on-campus) presented by EBS Alumni

We currently develop different formats.

Are there financial support options for students?

Since June 2020, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has been offering a so-called interim aid scheme for domestic and international students. Students who are verifiably in a pandemic-related emergency situation, who need immediate assistance and who cannot overcome the individual pandemic emergency situation by making use of other support possibilities are entitled to this support.

If you are currently receiving BaföG (state funding for students in Germany) and have questions about it, please do not hesitate to contact the National Association for Student Affairs (Studentenwerk). https://www.studentenwerke.de/de/content/corona-faqs-der-studenten-und

Can students take up their study abroad in the near future?

Internationality is an essential aspect of studying at EBS Universität, including the integrated semesters abroad and student exchanges with our partner universities.

We try to plan as flexibly as possible and with different scenarios. We are in regular contact with our partner universities.

If, for example, it is not possible to enter a particular country until your study abroad, the affected universities will, in any case, guarantee online teaching. The same applies to EBS Universität for the teaching activities for our exchange students. It is also possible to switch to partner universities in nearby European countries if you have to accept entry restrictions for long-distance travel.

Are internships currently available to students? How do internships currently run?

Internships are currently on the curriculum of some of our study programmes. These are important for our students to orient themselves for their later professional life, gain practical experience, and make initial contacts with potential employers.

We are currently experiencing different scenarios due to the corona pandemic. Many of our partner companies have converted their operations to digital modus, and their employees are working from home. At most of these companies, this also applies to interns, which is gratifying because some of our students were able to obtain an internship. Unfortunately, this form of working is not practicable for all companies. We are also experiencing that many of our students are having difficulties finding an internship. To bridge this difficult phase and support our students as much as possible, we offer various forms of assistance.

We also support our students through coaching, practice-related workshops and information sessions about the job market and job search, and, increasingly, offer online sessions with companies. Besides, we have mobilised our extensive alumni network of EBS to increase the number of internships on offer and share successful EBS alumni experiences in workshops and info sessions.

We do not leave our students alone in this situation and try to support everyone.

Can students use the libraries for academic work?

For us, the focus is on providing you with the best possible access to scientific literature and yet protecting the health of our fellow human beings.

The library remains open and is available for use in presence according to the regulations of our hygiene concept.

Of course, students can continue to use the existing online resources (databases, etc.) at my EBS to complete written work.

Are the student clubs working on their projects? How is this organised?

At EBS Universität, involvement in extracurricular activities is an integral part of student life. Those activities have also suffered greatly from the impact of COVID-19. From one day to the next, the student clubs were no longer able to meet. Many activities got cancelled, and the planned congresses got cancelled or postponed for the time being. But, in such difficult situations, the EBSpirit is particularly strong. EBS students quickly adapted to the circumstances and reorganised many things together.

The students restructured the communication between the different teams and student clubs. They set new goals and changed procedures. Studenten.helfen. Looked after the new exchange students and initiated a kind of buddy programme at the beginning of the pandemic, undertaken a sort of buddy programme to support them. EBS Sports has agreed to involve the new students in organising the Boot Camp, which has been postponed to this year. The business congresses EBS Symposium, EBS Real Estate Congress and EBS Law Congress have developed alternative event concepts. Last year, the congresses were held partly online and partly in hybrid form. If circumstances allow, this year’s congresses can again be held mainly on-site. And the other student initiatives are also looking for creative solutions and new tasks for their team.

The student representatives are keeping everything on track, coordinating many digital meetings and gatherings, and offering encouragement where necessary. There is so much new experience, and a whole range of lessons learned that the students have identified and want to keep for future EBS students.

This page will be updated regularly to inform you immediately about the current situation. We will also continue to inform students, employees, and faculty members via e-mail. (7 July 2021)