EBS student Christopher Jackson selected for WiWi-Talents high potential programme


Out of more than 140 entries, 14 talents from the field of economics were selected for the WiWi-Talents high-potential program - including EBS master's student Christopher Jackson.

Out of more than 140 entries, 14 talents from the field of economics were selected for the WiWi-Talents high-potential program - including EBS master's student Christopher Jackson. In the interview, among other things, he talks about how he finds a balance to his demanding studies.

As a full-time student at EBS and investment manager at Art-Invest Real Estate Management GmbH, you must have many challenging tasks to deal with daily. How do you balance both and what challenges have you overcome so far?


The most challenging aspect of working and studying full-time is time-management, carving out enough time to both get the work finished as well as having enough time to attend lectures, complete assignments and study for exams. However, one must not forget to also find the time to enjoy the time in Rheingau with the fellow students.


How do you think your studies at EBS have influenced your career path?


Both my bachelor’s and my master’s degree at EBS has helped me develop both as a person and a professional. During my bachelor’s degree the multitude of different fields of study as well as extracurricular activities (EBS Real Estate Conference, EBS Symposium) helped me find my interests and passions. 


How do you see your future career path after completing your studies at EBS?


After completing my master’s degree I will come back to Art-Invest Real Estate and will continue working in the Frankfurt office, applying my newly found knowledge and skills.


What advice would you like to pass on to all students?


Be open and curious to new experiences during your time at EBS and try to soak up the available knowledge. Keep living the EBS Spirit by helping each other during and after your studies at EBS and grow your network, as it is so important for your later life. Make use of the closeness to your lecturers as well as EBS alumni.


What is your balance in everyday life?


I like to exercise by running and going to the gym to counter everyday life. I have noticed that the best output in both a professional and private setting can be achieved by finding a way to incorporate exercise.


What are you proud of and what are you looking forward to?


I am proud of what I have achieved during my degrees, during my bachelor time it was the extracurricular activities, for which I received EBS’ “Dean’s Award” in 2018.

Moreover, I am proud to be a part of the EBS Alumni, one of the biggest and most prestigious alumni networks in Germany. I look forward to coming back to EBS as a professional to talk to current students and help them with their career progression.


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