Student financing

Financial need should not prevent you from studying at EBS. As a privately-owned university, EBS offers a variety of different financial aid options.

Students are advised on student financing and scholarships

It does not always have to be a 100 % full scholarship. There are many different ways of financing a study course, and often a combination of other models (scholarship, funds, financing) is both possible and reasonable. Of course, we will also be pleased to advise you and together examine the various options.

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Financing the next generation

Education funds

The concept of an education fund or reverse intergenerational contract refers to a model that gives students the opportunity to make a financial contribution to their studies only after they have completed their studies. During their studies, tuition fees are covered in whole or in part by money from the education fund. After completing their studies, a salary-dependent repayment is made if a fixed basic income is reached. The repayment is used to finance the studies of the “next generation”.

The EBS Education Fund is based on the Reverse Generation Contract (German: Umgekehrter Generationenvertrag, short UGV) model and is a solidarity-based financing concept. Here, tuition fees are financed downstream and depend on income. Everyone can study at EBS without the financial burden of tuition fees, regardless of their financial background.


The key feature is that students use their repayments to enable new students to study after graduation and once they have reached the minimum income level. This cycle ensures secure financing for new students at EBS University. Study first – pay later: This is how it works:

  • After signing a sponsorship agreement with Brain Capital, you can study without worrying about tuition fees. These are paid directly from the education fund to EBS University.
  • Only when you start your career, and only if you exceed a minimum income of 30,000 euros, do you pay back the percentage of income specified in the sponsorship contract as downstream tuition fees for a maximum of 10 payment years. The model offers every freedom in life planning. Payments adjust to personal career and ability to pay.


Requirements for your application:

  • Admission to study at EBS (Bachelor’s, Law, Master’s and MBA).
  • EU citizens


Brain Capital GmbH conducts the selection interview for financing.

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As a social business for financing studies, Deutsche Bildung has been enabling students of all disciplines to study (also abroad) via a study fund since 2007. In contrast to a student loan, graduates pay back a portion of their income at a later date without the risk of over-indebtedness.


The benefits at a glance

  • Flexible payouts up to a maximum of 30,000 euro
  • No guarantors or securities required
  • Independent of parents’ income
  • Can be combined with Bafög, scholarships and loans
  • Free and non-binding online application
  • Pay later with many securities pro rata of income
  • Exclusive participation in the German Education Academy
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Empowering the best

Scholarship offers

Equal opportunities should not be a question of financial means because high potentials are not only to find in high-income households. Studying at EBS University is an investment in your future. However, because your proficiency and performance are the only things that count, we have established several financing and funding opportunities for us. This will enable any suitably qualified applicant to receive the best possible education. In addition, companies are often on the lookout for precisely these exceptional talents and therefore provide targeted support at universities through scholarships and other financial assistance. In this respect, the EBS University concept is compelling: several foundations and companies are particularly interested in championing students of EBS University.

Download: Financing options for students

EBS Scholarship

The EBS Scholarship is designed to support and encourage emerging talents who have the drive, ambition and determination to excel, demonstrated through academic excellence or other achievements. Through this scholarship opportunity, we aim to provide particularly individuals from diverse and disadvantaged economic backgrounds with the financial resources necessary to cultivate their leadership potential.


For more information, speak with our study advisors or write at Scholarship(at)


myStipendium helps students and doctoral candidates find the right scholarships free of charge. With over 2,300 funding opportunities with a total value of 610 million euros/year, myStipendium is the largest scholarship database in Germany and thus shows: Scholarships are not only available for the highly gifted, the needy or the committed, but anyone can find a scholarship! On myStipendium, as a user, you will automatically see all scholarships that fit your resume.

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We want to support talented and socially committed students at EBS with 300 euros per month – 150 euros will be provided by private sponsors and 150 euros by the federal government. All first-year students who have started or will start their studies at EBS in the respective award year can apply for this non-income-related support.

  • Funding is granted for first-year students of all faculties (except for doctoral students)
  • Amount of funding: 300 euros per month for one year (150 euros from private sponsors, 150 euro from the federal government)
  • Please send the completed application form and the required documents in one file to: deutschlandstipendium(at)
  • Next application period: from 1 May to 31 July
  • Please note that applications received outside the application period will not be considered. The same applies to the submission of incomplete application documents.
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What is it?

As a partner to Teach for India (TFI), EBS will guarantee TFI graduates at least a 20% tuition fee waiver upon admission to its MBA program.


How to apply?

Applicants should contact scholarship(at) with their Teach for India Fellowship Completion Letter.

EBS Student Mehmet Ali Dayan
Mehmet Ali Dayan, student
Receiving the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship has greatly reduced my financial burden, given me peace of mind, and allowed me to continue to pursue my educational and professional dreams.
A safe investment

Conventional student financing

Someone who is not successful in winning a scholarship or needs to finance a part of the study fees can draw on a student loan. The conditions for repayment can vary greatly, depending on the provider, and the lenders’ offers are diverse and numerous; it is worth making detailed comparisons.

The state education grant is characterised by very good terms and conditions. The state grants one half of the money as an interest-free loan, the other half is paid as a grant not requiring repayment. However, only students who do not exceed certain capital and income limits qualify for BAföG.



Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main
Bockenheimer Landstraße 133
60325 Frankfurt am Main
T +49 180 17 88 336


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The KfW is a full loan with incurred interest, however substantially below market level.


As opposed to a BAföG grant, neither the applicant’s nor the parents’ income and capital play a role. Also, as far as age is concerned, the KfW is more generous, supporting students between 18 and 44 and even when they exceed the standard period of study. The study loan offer can be requested from the respective sales partners of the KfW bank group.

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The German bank Nassauische Sparkasse offers EBS students a funding model with preferential rates.


All benefits at a glance

  • Financing the study fees for bachelor or master study programme, including examination fees and semester fees abroad
  • Additional financial expenses (interest) in the last two semesters
  • Minimum amount 5,000 euros, maximum amount 75,000 euros
  • Up to 24 months’ grace period after graduation



Nassauische Sparkasse
Ms. Myriam Zoi Weil
Rheinstraße 34
65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein
T +49 611 364 455 01


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