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Top law graduates in Hesse once again from the EBS

2018-04-18 | By: Stefanie Teßner, Editor Communication
Jura Bestenehrung 2018

EBS graduates were delighted to be honoured by Hesse’s Minister of Justice, Eva Kühne-Hörmann.

For the second year in succession, the top two graduates of the First State Law Examination in 2017 are from the EBS Universität. 67% examinations passed with distinction of all the graduates of the EBS Law School so far.

During the traditional prize-giving ceremony, the Hessian Minister of Justice honoured the most successful candidates in the 2017 legal examinations. The top two graduates of their year in the First State Law Examination (14.72 and 14.38 points) are graduates of the EBS Universität – as are a further ten of 43 prize winners. After the results were published it was clear that the first two graduation years of the EBS Law School, founded in 2010, have achieveda a “pass-with-distinction” ratio of 67%. The university management congratulated all exam candidates most sincerely.

For the second year in succession, the best law graduates in Hesse are from the EBS Universität. Following the outstanding results of the 2016 examination, the two best candidates in 2017 are once again graduates of EBS Law School: Jan Paul Schütte (14.72 points) and Carolin Langlitz (14.38 points) achieved these outstanding results (both with the grade “very good”). In all, 913 candidates took the First State Law Examination in 2017. Only 43 of these (in other words 4.7 percent) scored “very good” and “good”. Hesse’s Minister of Justice, Eva Kühne-Hörmann, honoured them in the traditional prize-giving ceremony at the Hessian Ministry of Justice.

EBS President Prof. Markus Ogorek was delighted: “We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to our graduates on these, once again, excellent results. This goes to show that our concept pays off: Intensive and personal support, the international orientation of our studies and the connection to the EBS Business School characterize our law study programme, which has once again led to excellent results”. Already in 2016, the state’s best and second-best graduates in the First State Law Examination had studied at EBS. The first graduate year of the EBS Law School, who began their studies in 2011, achieved a pass-with-distinction ratio (9 points and above) of 58%. Now, after the second graduation year, the pass-with-distinction ratio at the EBS has risen to 67% (this corresponds to an average grade of 9.94 points). “Graduating with 9 points is an outstanding achievement for a law graduate – this is most definitely the fast track to one’s dream job. Thanks to optimal support, two thirds of our graduates achieve such a grade”, explains the new Dean of the EBS Law School, Prof. Emanuel V. Towfigh.

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