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Starting studies at EBS Universität: Kick-off with Practitioners

1 August 2019 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Tutors at the campus

First-semester students are confronted with the “great unknown” when starting university: The new students may have had to move to a new city, to their first own apartment, meet many strangers and learn new things. What’s more, the introductory phase already paves the way for the course and success of their studies. EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht actively meets the challenges facing first-year students with the EBS Onboarding Project, which was launched in 2018.

The EBS Onboarding Project, which takes place in the first three weeks of the course, is open to all new students of business administration. They gain a comprehensive insight into the following three years of their studies. Each year, the project focuses on a current topic. While 2018 was about “Autonomous Driving”, this year it is all about “Future City”. How is demographic change impacting urban development? How is mobility going to change? And what technological innovations in the field of co-working will we see in future? Divided into small teams, the “freshmen” develop solutions to various case studies, including business plans and marketing pitches. The aim is to provide students with basic methodological training, to give them initial entrepreneurial food for thought and to convey a fundamental understanding of the various disciplines of business administration. At the end of the three weeks, the students present their results to a jury of business partners and professors.

“I felt the EBSpirit from day one: three weeks of hard work, team building and lots of fun - the perfect start to my business studies.” - EBS student Anne-Sophie Klein

Well-known practitioners support first semester students

During the three weeks, the first-year students are supported not only by professors and tutors from higher semesters, but also by renowned managers from practice. Among others, Harry Gatterer, trend researcher, managing director of the Zukunftsinstitut (Institute of the Future) and expert for “New Living”, will be passing on practical knowledge and forecasts on the topic of the future of life and work to the students. It will also be all about the exciting question, which effect new lifestyles have on society, business, consumption and leisure time. Florian Altmann, product designer specialising in innovation consulting at Deloitte, will lecture on design thinking and innovation, while Robert Kitel, Head of Sustainability and Future Research at alstria office REIT-AG, will give insights into sustainability in the real estate sector.

Field trips to the most innovative companies in the business

Three excursions round off the EBS Onboarding Project. The students will visit HOLM - House of Logistics and Mobility and WeWork - Co-Working & WeWork Labs in Frankfurt am Main, ECE - Retail of the Future and Art-Invest - Digital Campus Hammerbrooklyn in Hamburg as well as the National Digital Conference in Zurich.

“The EBS Onboarding Project prepared me both professionally and socially for my studies at EBS Universität. I got to know many of my fellow students, was able to familiarize myself with the working methods required in the future and gain a lot of specialist knowledge.” - EBS Student Tillmann Jabs

Of course, the fun factor should not be neglected at the beginning of the study programme. In addition to a “Best of Rheingau” tour, which introduces students to the culture, nature and culinary delights of the region, first-year students can look forward to a get-together with alumni and students in higher semesters as well as the obligatory Semester Opening Party.

Further information on the EBS Onboarding Project

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