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EBS students throw their hats in Wiesbaden’s Kurhaus

10 September 2018 | By:
EBS Graduierungsfeier Kurhaus 2018

Academic tradition: EBS graduates throw their hats at the festive graduation ceremony.

This year's graduation ceremony was all about respect

On Saturday (01.09.), the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht said farewell to this year’s graduates at a ceremony in the Wiesbaden Kurhaus. The bachelor, master and law students celebrated their graduation with the traditional hat throwing custom. Among them was the third year of the EBS Law School, newly founded in 2010, which - as in both previous years - graduated with outstanding results.

Professor Markus Ogorek, President of EBS University, congratulated the graduates on their good results, but also emphasised that grades are not everything. “We want to train successful entrepreneurs and not uninspired Excel acrobats or reckless financial jugglers. We want EBS graduates to be independent thinkers,” the trained lawyer stressed in his speech, and went on to emphasise that the family atmosphere and the respectful cooperation at the university forms the basis for this educational concept.

This year EBS said farewell to 107 Bachelor’s and 199 Master’s students at the traditional ceremony. In addition, 20 MBA graduates and 9 doctoral students threw their traditional mortarboards. It was particularly rewarding that in the third year of the EBS Law School, the four best graduates of the university part of the First Legal Examination (formerly the State Examination) were each awarded the outstanding grade “very good”. The two previous years had already excelled with exceptionally good grades.

In his speech EBS Alumnus Peter Holzer emphasised that the most important thing is to follow your own passion. The consultant and executive coach encouraged the graduates to become both economically and socially involved in society. “Instead of asking: ‘What can the world give me?’, we should ask: ‘What can I do for the world?’”, says the successful author. The Wiesbaden City Councillor Dieter Schlempp, the President of the Justice Examination Office Helmut Vogt and guests from the academic community also attended the ceremony. The programme was rounded off by the presentation of the EBS Alumni Awards for outstanding student achievements in various categories, the student speeches and a performance by EBS alumnus and pianist Simon Brinkmann.

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