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EBS Law School welcomes international students

7 October 2016 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Pressefotos - EBS 2016-10-07 - Law Term 2016 in Heidelberg

Already for the fourth time, EBS Law School welcomes international students starting the exchange program EBS Law Term. Until December, 55 participants from all over the world can familiarize themselves with the topic Transnational Commercial Law (TCL) in the context of four modules. By means of lectures, joint workshops, study trips and social activities, renowned lecturers and practitioners give an understanding of the growing body of internationally unified or harmonized law in the English language.

“Our University is proud to open its doors to students from our international partner universities. By the exchange of ideas and experiences from different perspectives we want to mutually broaden our personal and professional horizons,” the Academic Director of EBS Law Term and Vice Dean of EBS Law School, Professor Matthias Weller, describes the motive of and benefit from this program. Students get an overview of the most important concepts, methods and general problems of Transnational Commercial Law and at the same time an introduction in the instruments of this field of law. Transnational Commercial Law deals with the internationally unified or harmonized law which becomes increasingly significant and is of particular relevance to international commerce.

In particular the European Union has enacted a large body of unified law for the European internal market. Thus, EBS Law Term is especially on the areas of European Commercial Law. This includes Securities Law, Foreign Trade Law, Banking and Financial Regulatory Law, Antitrust Law, Intellectual Property Law or International Civil Litigation. Questions are raised whether regional instruments of harmonized EU law my serve as an example for other regional integration communities in the world or even as global instruments of a truly transnational law.

According to Professor Weller, yet again EBS Universität is able to demonstrate its global outreach as well as the international reputation of its Law School.

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