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EBS Law School: Excellent first exam results

2 February 2016 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität

The EBS Law School is delighted to announce the excellent results achieved by the first year of students to take the State Examination. In September 2015 the first year of students to enter the Law School took the written part of the State Legal Examination (Juristische Staatsprüfung). Last Friday was the date of the oral examinations, with which the examination candidates concluded their period of study at the EBS Law School – and with outstanding grades. For the Dean, Professor Dr. Markus Ogorek, the results are a further endorsement of the high quality of the teaching and learning concept at the EBS Law School.

According to Prof. Dr. Ogorek, “The excellent examination results obtained by our candidates are proof that we are on the right road with our concept at the EBS Law School. Right from the first day, our students benefit from an academically rigorous course of study coupled with intensive, individual preparation for this examination. This concept really pays off.” The overall average grade achieved by the candidates was 12.24 (the equivalent of “Good”; this means that nationwide they will probably be among the top 3%-4% of their year). The best student posted an outstanding 15.6 points (“Very Good”). Prof. Dr. Ogorek adds: “Maybe this candidate will come first in the whole of Hessen by the end of the examination year.”

The overall First Examination grade comprises the grade achieved in the State Mandatory Subject Examination with Written and Oral Examinations and the University’s priority sector grade. On average the Law School candidates scored 11.53 (“Good”) in the State Mandatory Subject Examination and 14.05 points in the University’s priority sector (“Very Good”). A special feature of the course of study at the EBS Law School is that it includes parts of the Master of Arts in Business for Legal Professionals (M.A.) degree. The students can take this degree, which contains in-depth qualifications in economics, just a few months after completing their law studies. There is also the option of participating in the EBS Business School’s specialist-subject masters programs and thus acquiring, for example, a Master in Finance or a Master in Real Estate Management (each M.Sc.) degree.

The period of study for the first candidates up until registration for the State Examination was slightly less than four years; this includes a period of study/work abroad lasting about six months. Thus, the students took the examination before their so-called “Freischuss” or “Free Shot” (an early examination date immediately at the end of the standard period of study). In order to encourage candidates to adhere to the standard period of study, the Law Students Examination Authorities of the various regions have arranged this exam with the option of improving one’s grades at a later point in time. For the first “batch” of EBS Law School students this date is in February 2016 and the other students in the year will take up this option as well.

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