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EBS Universität promotes digital literacy in law studies

24 April 2019 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Germany's first area of focus on "Law of Digitalisation"

Digital technologies are changing lawyers’ everyday lives: many routine tasks can now be performed by computers or artificial intelligence. This creates new business models and increases efficiency. These changes also pose new challenges for legal training. EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht is responding to this with a new focus area, “Law of Digitalisation” EBS Law School is the first law faculty in Germany to include the topic of the effects of digitalisation on law in its examination grade.

“At EBS Law School, we are taking a very comprehensive look at the implications on the future of legal education”, say Prof. Emanuel V. Towfigh, Dean of the faculty. “An important part of this is how the law deals with digitalisation. For example, ‘legal tech’ already plays an important role in law firms and companies today, while our law study programme has not yet addressed the subject. We want to counteract this with our new focus area: students should be made fit for the areas they will inevitably have to deal with in their professional lives.”

Since digitalisation does not stop at threshold to legal expertise. The new focus area therefore includes lectures on digitalisation in civil, public and criminal law. The introductory module shows the effects that digitalisation has on, for instance, the protection of fundamental rights or everyday court life. In the specialization module, the new focus is on current developments in various fields, such as the digitalisation of company law, data protection law and new technologies, blockchain and law, digitalisation and finance, and the effects of artificial intelligence on law. A series of lectures will go on to deal with current research topics at EBS Law School, such as the legal consequences of autonomous driving.

Students have been attending lectures in this focus area since January. Since 70 percent of the contents of the first examination (so-called “First State Examination”) in Hesse are determined by the Hessian Ministry of Justice and 30 percent by the universities, EBS Universität is the first university in Germany to make legal technology content part of the examination grade.

EBS Law School also has the Legal Innovation Lab to ensure that the topic is also addressed at research level. The aim is to provide students with the necessary tools and a platform to successfully position themselves in our innovation-driven world through regular impulse lectures, meet-ups and working groups.

Further information on studying law at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht can be found here.

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