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WHU Euromasters 2019

6 December 2019 | By: Melanie Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager
The cheerleading team of EBS Universität

We are proud of the EBS cheerleading team!

Interview with Hanna Hölscher – BSc in Business Administration student and one of the captains of the EBS cheerleading team – about the student’s sports event WHU Euromasters.

What are the WHU Euromasters?

WHU Euromasters is a sports event with over 2,000 students from all over Europe and takes place annually in November in Vallendar. Each university competes in several sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, e-sports, rowing and running - but most importantly, in cheerleading! Over the last few years, the level of cheerleading increased significantly. In the beginning, the focus was only on dance and the teams consisted mainly of women. Meanwhile, many teams participating in the WHU Euromasters are comparable to the demanding Level 4 Cheerleading Team from the USA!

What successes have you celebrated over the past years?

In 2018 we won third place at the WHU Euromasters. In 2019 we took second place at the Champions Trophy in Hamburg, a similar competition. This year we were unfortunately not placed at the WHU Euromasters. In spite of an almost flawless choreography, the competition was a bit further ahead in the end. Moreover, it is difficult to meet exactly the taste of the jury… Cheerleading is and remains a subjective sport. We continue to train and hope for a placement next year.

How long are you practising for this event?

For WHU Euromasters we always start the tryouts at the beginning of the fall term at the beginning of September. The new team will be determined in mid-September - from then on we will practice three times a week for three hours each. There is no denying the time involved, but it’s worth it! In the shortest period, the team grows together closely. We also spend lots of time together outside the training sessions.

Would you like to tell us something about the planned choreography?

Our choreography consisted of two short, powerful dances and small show interludes such as our well-known EBS-heart-move (which we have integrated into our choreographies since 2014). The most difficult sequences are the pyramid and the Arabesque circle.

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