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VIP Curriculum: The Power of Encounter

23 April 2018 | By:

Thanks to “Very Inspirational People”, top managers find their mission in life during the EBS Workshop.

A group of people are standing close together around several flipcharts, at the end of a large room. They are discussing opportunities arising from crises. How can one emerge positively from a crisis in one’s life? Some workshop participants argue that a crisis always produces a positive learning effect. Others disagree: There could also be crises which do not have an immediate positive impact. One woman relates that for years, at the time with two small children, she took care of her sick mother-in-law and received no thanks or support whatsoever. How she became increasingly embittered over the course of time and, in the end, found understanding and forgiveness. Established, experienced personalities, men and women in business attire, open up and talk about the most personal experiences in their lives so that future leaders can benefit from these.

The VIP Curriculum, which took place at the EBS Universität for the 8th time this year, is all about students learning from inspiring personalities. “Our VIP Curriculum is designed to be a transformative learning experience - especially through encounters with very individual, idealistic, inspiring and sometimes very hurt people”, says Andreas Heinecke, Honorary Professor of Social Business at the EBS and member of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The originator of the well-known “Dialogue in the Dark” organised the workshop together with Dr. Kerstin Humberg, trainer for Applied Positive Psychology and founder of Yunel, a Berlin startup for biography work and life strategy. For five days, the students learn to recognize themselves in their encounters with others, to use their motivators and to understand their influence on the shaping of society.

The participants were particularly impressed by Cecilia Flores-Oebanda. Today’s speaker is a Phillipine human rights activist who fought in her youth for the liberation of her homeland from the Marcos regime and was imprisoned for four years. She had to give away her first child, born in prison and she and her husband brought up two more children during their imprisonment. Today she is fighting human trafficking and child prostitution, has founded a “Center of Hope” for children freed from forced abduction in Manila. It is all about how to find one’s personal purpose in life as a leader. And about how to pick up the pieces and stand up again. Why does she do what she does? The moderator asks her this question time and time again. The answer comes without hesitation. “Because I’m Cecilia. This is my life and it’s what I ought to do!”

Further information about Yunel: https://www.yunel.de/

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