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Sustainable travel: EBS student Clara von Glasow will be sailing to the UN Climate Change Conference in Chile

31 July 2019 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Portrait Clara von Glasow

EBS student Clara von Glasow will be sailing to the UN Climate Change Conference in Chile. starting in September Photo: Jeffrey Qi

25-year-old EBS student Clara von Glasow, representing the Klimadelegation e.V. organisation, will travel together with 25 other young people on a sailing ship to Santiago de Chile to attend the 25th UN Climate Change Conference.

The 25th UN Climate Change Conference, also known as COP 25, will take place this year from 2 to 13 December in Santiago de Chile. To draw attention to the negative impact of commercial air travel on the climate, 26 young people have decided to travel as low-emission as possible to the event: By ship and bus from Scheveningen in the Netherlands to Santiago de Chile in six to eight weeks. Among them is Clara von Glasow, a student at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht. Clara von Glasow has attended the UN Climate Change Conferences as a representative of the organisation Klimadelegation e.V. (Climate Delegation) twice a year since 2017. Last year she was also the official contact person for the UN Climate Secretariat for International Youth at the Climate Change Conferences in Bonn and Katowice, Poland. She is joining this sailing trip to Chile “to show that it is possible to travel long distances with low emissions and to ensure that the voice of youth is heard in climate negotiations”.

The group of 26 young people, whose sailing ship will take up to 8 weeks to reach South America, comes from different European countries. They have been preparing the trip for over a year now and was only possible thanks to a large number of supporters and a crowdfunding campaign.

In Germany alone, 119 million passengers will have boarded a plane by the end of this year - twice as many as in 1997. By 2030, the German Aerospace Centre forecasts that this number will increase to 175 million passengers. By travelling on a sailing ship, the participants save about 4700 kg CO2 per capita (equivalent to a flight from Amsterdam to Chile). However, CO2 emissions from flying are not the only problem - aircraft burn kerosene as fuel and this produces carbon dioxide as well as other substances such as particulate matter.

We call on national politicians to make the aviation and shipping industries more responsible for their massive emissions and to stop subsidising the aviation sector by not imposing taxes. Instead, transformative processes must be used to make resource-adaptive travel more attractive and affordable,” the student says.

During the voyage the ship will become a sailing think tank. The participants will be working together on board to develop analyses and solutions for the future of travel. They will also document their route to create a basis for subsequent journeys.

Clara von Glasow has already taken an active, extracurricular part in life at EBS Universität as a student spokeswoman and director of the EBS Law Congress. This year she graduated from the EBS Law School after taking her first state examination and will complete her master’s degree at EBS Business School at the end of this year. EBS University promotes and encourages its students to volunteer and stand up for their beliefs and values. EBS Universität itself also promotes environmental protection with many of its own projects

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