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Why SMEs will play a decisive role in bringing about a sustainable and climate-neutral future in Germany

25 May 2021 | By: Prof. Dr. Rolf Tilmes, Director EBS Executive School
Insight into the production studio for the Sustainable Finance continuing education programme of the EBS Executive School in cooperation with HypoVereinsbank

Qualifying people to promote a sustainable and climate-neutral future for German SMEs.

In many cases, large German corporations have long since recognised the need to adopt sustainable and climate-neutral business practices and have taken appropriate strategic and operative measures. The key now is to bring about a similar change in thinking among SMEs. This transformation process requires extensive financial resources and professional sustainability advice.

To meet the individual needs of the various client groups, HypoVereinsbank has got together with the EBS Executive School to develop and implement a comprehensive sustainable finance training programme.

Consultants working in the corporate client and personal client business can use the certification programme to broaden their specialist knowledge in eight sustainable finance subject areas. More than 230 HypoVereinsbank employees are being trained to become sustainable finance experts. In addition, all consultants are receiving a four-hour introduction to the subject, during which the content of the training course is taught in compact form.

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Finance, Wealth Management & Sustainability Management

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