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Sustainability drives action in the financial sector

18 June 2020 | By: Prof. Dr. Rolf Tilmes, Director EBS Executive School

Economic viability is the core objective when designing corporate solutions for sustainability management. On this new large field for the finance function of companies, there are very specific rules for employees in finance departments to follow. An interdisciplinary, practice-oriented team of lecturers sets future-oriented standards with the newly designed compact course of study “Corporate Sustainable Finance (CSF)”. Start of the extra-occupational programme with the CSF-Advisor (EBS) degree is 22 October 2020.

At present, the company’s sustainability performance and its influence on ecology and society have become an important factor for corporate success. The financial sector plays an increasingly central role in shaping the sustainability orientation of companies. Sustainability risks have a direct impact on the business model. At the latest since the establishment of the Paris Climate Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals, entrepreneurs have been faced with the task of aligning their business strategically and sustainably. Employees are obliged to take sustainability requirements into account in all investments. But the financial reward will only be achieved if the path has been planned in a goal-oriented manner and is based on the latest scientific findings.

This is where the new university certificate programme Corporate Sustainable Finance (CSF) comes in, which will start with the first class on 22 October 2020. Dr Thomas Schulz, Academic Director of Sustainability Programmes at the EBS Executive School, formulates the objective as follows: “For companies, sustainable finance means the consistent sustainability-oriented design of the finance function and its areas. The professional management of sustainability performance has become one of the company’s key strategic success drivers”. In order to enable participants to fulfil their new responsibilities, but also to seize innovative opportunities, more than 20 top lecturers explain to specialists and managers from financial departments of companies what influence sustainability risks to have on a business model and financial performance, how sustainability is managed and reported on, and what role climate change, human rights and governance play in this. The compact study programme Corporate Sustainable Finance (CSF) lasts 12 days, divided into four blocks, and comprises a written examination and a transfer thesis. Successful graduates receive the university certificate CSF-Advisor (EBS).

“By means of the very latest training content, our participants acquire practice-oriented, sound skills in sustainable financial management, i.e. key skills that will help them to lead the financial sector and their company into a successful future”, says Professor Dr Rolf Tilmes, Head of the EBS Executive School. CSF is the second course for professionals and managers from the financial sector in the field of sustainability. The university certificate programme Sustainable & Responsible Investments (SRI), which is also designed for sustainability in the financial sector, will enter its fifth year from September 2020. An extra-occupational Master’s degree specialising in sustainable finance is currently being developed.

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