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Study: Findings from the Crisis in UNICEF Germany

16 June 2020 | By: Prof. Dr. Karin Kreutzer, Professor of Social Business

Karin Kreutzer and her co-authors Claus D. Jacobs (Universität Bern), Eero Vaara (Saïd Business School, University of Oxford) published the paper “Political Dynamics in Organizational Identity Breach and Reconstruction”.

This paper elucidates the political dynamics of organisational identity breach and reconstruction. Drawing on the revealing case of UNICEF Germany, a process model of four phases of identity breach and reconstruction was developed: the build-up of identity tensions, the revelation of identity breach, identity reconstruction, and enactment of the reconstructed identity. The analysis explains how each phase was characterised by specific political strategies employed by the materialist and idealist organisational members, the effects of these strategies on the power balance and consensus/conflict over organisational identity, and how particular triggers explain shifts from one phase to another. By so doing, the analysis advances the understanding of organizational identity breach and reconstruction as political processes and paves the way for new studies of political identity dynamics in other contexts.

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