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Study Abroad Fair: EBS exchange students present their home universities

18 December 2018 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Study Abroad Fair 2018

Study Abroad Fair 2018

What’s it like to live abroad? What cultural differences will I encounter during my semester abroad? And what does everyday life look like at another university? Exchange students gave their fellow German students answers to all these questions at the “Study Abroad Fair” on November 21 in the Kiep Center of the Schloss Campus. This fair has been held annually since 2012. They presented their home university at numerous, very creatively decorated stands. This gave the German students the opportunity to get some idea of the partner universities and makes choosing the university for their own semester abroad a great deal easier.

As an internationally-oriented university with over 230 partner universities, encountering other nations and cultures is an integral part of the EBS curriculum. At the annual Study Abroad Fair, exchange students once again presented their home universities at their own stand, showing a lot of creativity and enthusiasm Besides typical local decorations, numerous students also offered delicacies from their home countries. Students from the National Taiwan University offered bubble tea and tea eggs, one student from the Prague University of Economics (Vysoká škola ekonomická)served wafers from his home country and an Israeli student served hummus with flat bread and Israeli wine.

In 2018, 145 exchange students are studying at the EBS Universität. As in the previous year, Israeli students are once again able to take part, thanks to the EU programme “Erasmus+”. “Erasmus+” aims to promote exchanges and academic cooperation with all countries around the world. The programme “Erasmus+” also serves to strengthen intercultural skills, personal development and student employability.

Currently, the EBS has a partner network of over 230 universities worldwide, including Emory University (USA), Cornell University (USA), the University of Hong Kong, the National University of Singapore and the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Italy). Moreover, together with various partner universities, the EBS offers double degrees (DD), both in the bachelor and master programmes.

Here, an overview of all EBS partner universities: https://www.ebs.edu/de/partneruniversitaeten

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