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Strategic planning and design develops into a core competence

9 June 2020 | By:
ES - SMGI - Dozentenstimme Andrea Badura

Recognising opportunities in times of change and achieving success through new strategies for action is the focus of Andrea Badura, Professor of Capital Goods Marketing, Technical Sales and Innovation Management at HAW Landshut. As Senior Lecturer at EBS Executive School – currently in the new certificate programme Strategic Management and Business Model Innovation – she places agile methods and the active involvement of employees in strategic processes at the centre of her teaching and research activities.

Strategic management and business model innovation - what significance do these disciplines have in the business world 4.0?

Prof. Andrea Badura: Change is no longer an abstract concept - it determines the reality of all of us, every day. What seemed very far away two decades ago is now our daily business. And we can see from Corona how quickly the world we thought we knew can change. By the way: Corona did not “rollover” us - we could have been prepared if politicians and companies had also dealt with this unpleasant scenario, for which clear scientific studies were already available in 2003. Strategic thinking and action, therefore, help anyone who is concerned with proactively adapting to changes and anticipating these changes. And so, for example, to reflect on and adapt their own individual career or business model at an early stage.

Your focus is on teaching methodological competence. Which tools do you personally prefer to work with?

Prof. Andrea Badura: It is important to me that theoretical findings are put into practice. Methods help us, humans, to develop routines of action that lead to the fact that we do not only intellectually grasp changes but literally “understand” them. And if “grasping” also works three-dimensionally, this can lead to amazing insights and changes in behaviour. I have several “favourite methods” – simply because the method must also fit the problem or task. Lego Serious Play, Design Thinking and SCRUM are definitely at the top of my personal method hit list - especially because they are not “only” methods, but also represent an attractive image of people and work for me.

How would you describe your knowledge transfer style, from which the participants of the new university certificate programme Strategic Management & Business Model Innovation benefit?

Prof. Andrea Badura: My style is to combine theory and practice – and to do so with a lot of humour and fun. It is really important to me that the participants “understand” concepts and also immediately make a transfer to their company situation. My students can experience the latest concepts and methods and experience them for themselves. We focus on participation and co-creation and work together on new topics. Most importantly, the participants’ different industrial backgrounds and wealth of experience create a transfer of knowledge that a lecturer alone cannot achieve – it can only be achieved together.

Prof. Andrea Badura: Personally, I very much hope that the topic of digitization is not a flash in the pan and that new models of learning and collaboration will also establish themselves “remotely”. The advantage I see in this: learning can be designed “flexible” – in terms of time and content. The “when” and “what” of learning can be thought and implemented in a completely new way.

Where can we experience live what you are burning for?

Prof. Andrea Badura: Currently in the new certificate programme Strategic Management and Business Model Innovation. In a web-seminar, I will give a brief insight into an exciting method for orienting oneself to customer needs: I am interested in whether you know why your customers buy from you - or why they don’t buy from you? What “job” does your product or service really do? In a free learning session on the jobs-to-be-done method, I will give you valuable tips to help you.

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