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Strategic Management Society met in Wiesbaden

13 October 2016 | By:

As internationally renowned Business School that regularly achieves excellent research results, on September 21, EBS hosted this year’s conference of the Strategic Management Society Rhine-Main subsidiary, a global teaching and research community with almost 3,000 members. A broad audience of about 30 specialists from research and practice used this forum in order to exchange on the topic “Coordination of Modern Forms of Organizational Work”.

Against the background of a radically changing work routine, consisting of temporary, spontaneous, overlapping, self-organized and collaborative tasks, which are carried out by temporary work organizations like project teams, task forces and strategic groups, there are also new forms of collaboration of corporate partners, customers or even competitors. In a surrounding shaped by uncertainty, constant change and complexity as well as by means of new technological opportunities, new ways of coordination und control of organizational forms of work must be found.

“Particularly the different perspectives and experiences from research and practice for the coordination of modern forms of work made this strategy workshop a productive ground for new ideas and projects,” describes Professor Markus Kreutzer, Vice Dean Research at EBS Business School, the meaning and purpose of the event. Before topics were discussed in further detail on different roundtables, four reputable American researchers as well as Nihar Patel, European Head of Strategy at Opel, gave valuable input to the conference, which had been organized by Professor Markus Kreutzer and Professor Christian Landau. According to several participants, this day offered “thought provoking speakers and discussions” that brought about “many new insights”.

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