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Start-up: nuwo

25 February 2021 | By: Melanie Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager
nuwo founder Lukas Schlund (EBS Alumnus) and Lisa Rosa Bräutigam

Studying and working from home presents several challenges. 2020 showed this very clearly. Negative side effects such as back or neck pain quickly set in when people do not have ergonomic office furniture at their disposal. Our alumnus Luka Schlund founded the company, together with Lisa Rosa Bräutigam. With nuwo, employees have the possibility to set up their workplaces at home cost-effectively. Read more about it in this interview.

How did the idea for nuwo come about?

When the corona pandemic reached Europe at the beginning of 2020 and companies were suddenly confronted with the subject of working remote, I had already been working “Remote First” for years from home. When the situation deteriorated and the first partial lockdown was announced, every meeting suddenly had to be conducted via Zoom, Teams or Google Hangout. All at once, clients, customers and partners were in their own homes and not in the office. “Turn your camera on” was the most common phrase in team meetings, immediately followed by “You’re on mute.” The issue with remote working emerged very quickly and did not actually lead to a loss of productivity, as feared by many employers. As productivity increased, one fact became painfully clear to people working from home: almost no one was properly equipped at home, neither with a desk nor an ergonomic office chair. Many video calls were done from the kitchen, dining room or living room, some even from the bedroom. Everyone tried to make the best of the situation - after all, it was only a temporary matter. Suddenly, the subject of working from home was the number 1 topic among my friends and acquaintances. They couldn’t believe that the situation, at least as far as working from home was concerned, meant absolutely no change for me. Together with buzzwords like New Normal and Hybrid Working, the topic of remote work suddenly polarised like no other. At this time, we first realised that a fundamentally new market was opening up here and that a problem was emerging that needed solutions fast. After numerous discussions with various people from different sectors, an idea finally manifested itself: “Remote work as a service.” Together with his co-founder Lisa Rosa Bräutigam, they developed a leasing concept to provide employees with individual office furniture. Tastes and living situations are as different as people themselves - so it was clear to both of us that people should not be restricted to one product line or one manufacturer. There had to be a network of retailers who could provide individual and qualified advice and equipment.

How does nuwo work?

nuwo provides a platform that makes it easy for employers and employees to find ergonomic and legal equipment for home use, as all processes are completely automated and securely handled digitally. As this is a solution for your own home, it should, of course, be stylish and customisable on the one hand, but at the same time cost-effective or financially attractive. nuwo makes this possible with office furniture leasing. In doing so, nuwo relies on specialist retailers’ network to ensure decentralised and qualified advice, installation, delivery, and maintenance Germany-wide.

Instead of buying expensive, high-quality office equipment themselves, employees can lease it from their employer at a reduced tax rate. Companies sign a contract with the start-up. Employees then choose the furniture they need from one of the 40 office suppliers currently cooperating with nuwo. After the choice has been made, these provide an offer with the selected furniture items. This is then transmitted digitally to the employers via the platform, and they can subsequently decide on their contribution to the costs. The model is comparable to providers such as Jobrad, which offers employees the opportunity to obtain a tax-deductible company bicycle via their employer. nuwo is the solution that the working world really needs and in the future to prevent health risks and absence from work.

What are the biggest challenges on the way to starting a business?

If you want to take your business forward, you should commit to your idea full-time and drive it forward with 100% time and energy. In my opinion, the challenge here is to take the plunge at the right moment. Of course, it’s risky to leave your perhaps well-paid job in favour of your idea, but without 100% focus, your start-up won’t succeed. So my tip for all start-ups: commitment.

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