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Social commitment even during the Corona crisis: EBS students show creativity and concern

3 June 2020 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Service Learning Krankenhauspersonal
A big thankyou to all our helpers

Difficult times need a strong team spirit. Students at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht are also very aware of this and are finding ways to help people even in times of contact restrictions.

During the most widespread global pandemic since the Spanish flu, everyone is called upon to slow down the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. To maintain the health and safety of the EBS community, EBS Universität has also, since 16.3.2020, been offering all courses in the form of video or audio conferences and e-learning. With these interactive formats, students and teachers are given the opportunity to exchange ideas directly and have room for discussion. As a result of this measure, teaching has been fully maintained, thus ensuring that it was possible to complete the semester or the course of study as planned and on time. Nevertheless, we still consider personal contact with students to be an important part of a successful study programme and a successful start to their studies: all staff members and professors can be contacted via phone, e-mail, or video call.

While lectures were guaranteed, in times of physical distancing it was almost impossible for EBS students to continue their practical activities within the Service-Learning Programme. The service-learning module, mandatory for all students since 2008, is a concept for socially committed learning projects developed at the Centre for Business Ethics. Each semester, with over 200 helping students, it creates wide-scale social added value for the region and worldwide. So, EBS students put on their thinking caps and actively looked for ways to continue being there for their fellow human beings.

Thank you to the Team KSB Trafohausinitiative (Transformer House)

EBS students Jan-Raphael Gritzmacher and Dimitri Pickel collected and packed a total of 24 goody bags with notepad, pens, drinks, and snacks to cheer up the children of the Trafohaus youth centre in the Sauerland district of Wiesbaden. The Trafohaus team was thrilled with this surprise: “The bags have arrived just in time for the start of the pupil support scheme and we are looking forward to providing all young people with their own personal writing utensils. A very cool idea!”

Thank you to the team of students helping at the Wilhelmine Trust residence

EBS students regularly visit the residents of the Wilhelmine senior citizens’ care home in Eltville - for a chat, to play together, for an exchange between young and old. It was unfortunately no longer possible to visit the residents due to the risk of passing on the coronavirus. So, the team has put together parcels to offer the seniors and carers some diversion from everyday routine. An appeal for donations was launched to finance the purchase of magazines, flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, chocolate, personal care products and cookies. Around 180 euros were collected in this way.

EBS Team: Cara Rosenberger, Philippa Pausch, Talina Müller, Lisa Tanzer, Marie Sophie Vocke , Philippa Mahnel, Ann-Sophie Schlick

Thank you to the team supporting the SRH hospital staff

With a big “Thank you for being there for us”, EBS students, together with employees of the non-profit foundation SRH and parent company, collected numerous donated items to pack more than 1,000 goody bags for the hospital staff of the SRH hospitals. “You are keeping our health system running. We are extremely grateful and appreciate this very much,” says Patricia Keppler, project manager of the initiative. In the past few weeks, the team was able to deliver to 11 hospitals.

A big thankyou to our sponsors Lycka, Popcorn Affairs, Koawach, Weleda Naturkosmetik, Wingman Power, Waterdrop, Oatsome, Philosoffee, Uma, Cliff Bar, Yammbits.

EBS Team: Julia Ober, Jessica Bauer, Laura Assaid, Philippe Braum, Kyle Cooper, Patricia Keppler

Thank you to the Enable Digital team

Founded in 2015, Enable Digital is a student project offering workshops to seniors, helping them how to use smartphones, PC etc. Physical distancing has proved just how important digital communication is for us all. The team created learning videos explaining the use of various messaging services. Now the seniors can continue to stay in touch with friends and family.

EBS Team: Christian Oehmke, Simon Tschirpig, Alexander Schreyeck, Melanie Riebel, Felix Hölter, Ann-Kathrin Kopf, Constantin Eckert, Elena Liebethal, Luca Post, Alexander Rauh, Florian Zeise

Thank you to the team supporting refugees

Due to the ban on visits and other kinds of support activities, it is currently not possible for the international EBS team to support refugee families in their accommodation. For this reason, EBS students have created a Facebook group where recipes are shared using videos and photos.

EBS Team: Paige MacWIlliam, Mackenzie Berkhout, Theo Goldsmith, Rumina Kurdova, Usman Khan, Nosherwan Khan, Martynas Andriukatis, Ieva Balciunaite

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