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“Shorts at Moonlight”: Short film festival cast a spell over Schloss Reichartshausen

7 November 2017 | By:

The EBS opened its gates to film enthusiasts on August 4 and 5. The weather and the backdrop were perfect: surrounded by vineyards, the visitors of the short film festival “Shorts at Moonlight” first of all enjoyed live music accompanied by tarte flambée and a good glass of wine before the programme of short film highlights began as darkness fell.

The Shorts at Moonlight short film festival, the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain and the EBS Universität worked hand-in-hand to organise this year’s event at Schloss Reichartshausen. This also gave the art enthusiasts a glimpse of the historical building’s inner courtyard.

The premiere in Oestrich-Winkel was a huge success: a total of 800 visitors accepted the invitation to Schloss Reichartshausen. This could mean a repeat performance next year…

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