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Second place for EBS Team

8 August 2016 | By:
Winner of the L'oréal Brandstorm competition

at the German Finals of the L’Oréal Brandstorm Marketing Challenge

Each year selected Master students of the EBS are able to participate in the annual L’Oréal Brandstorm Marketing Challenge, which looked at the label La-Roche Posay this year. The students were confronted with an exciting and challenging case to develop digital communication strategies and innovations to further position the label La-Roche Posay and attract younger customers in the age of 15 to 25 years.

After the Kick-Off presentation in January, supported by Prof. Mattmüller and Anna Röser, Talent Acquisition Manager at L’Oréal, the students worked on the case for a couple of weeks. At the beginning the label La-Roche Posay, as well as its customers and its positioning in the market was analyzed. Hereby, a special focus was placed on the challenge of reaching a younger customer group. The results of the analysis were then presented in front of Prof. Mattmüller and his team, afterwards six teams were able to share their insights with four representatives of L’Oréal, namely: Natalie Janotta (Talent Acquisition Manager), Anna Röser, Mohamed Swilam (Senior Product Manager La Roche-Posay) and Patrik Fröhlich (HR Intern). Out of the six groups, two teams were selected to present their ideas at the German Final in Dusseldorf: First ‘BeConfidentBeBeauty’ (with Laura Hartwig, Sandra Heming, Kimi Mosel and Thomas Schmitz) and secondly LRP4.0 (with Andreas Fuchs, Martin Gärtner and Pascal Peters) were chosen.

On April, 27th 2016 the nominated EBS teams, as well as five other teams that were selected from other German universities, presented their innovative ideas at the National Final in Dusseldorf. Out of those seven teams, three groups were selected to present again in the evening in front of L’Oréal department heads of HR and Marketing. Our team LRP4.0 was among the three teams and achieved the second place. The jury was impressed by the creative and innovative ideas of the team. We are happy about this achievement and would like to congratulate our winning team again - well done!

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