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Science at EBS: New Textbook on Public Law in Hesse

24 October 2018 | By: Reception EBS Law School // Wiesbaden

Beck-Verlag has published a new textbook on the areas of special administrative law relevant to exams with the participation of EBS Law School.

For a long time, the legal book market had been lacking a textbook that conveyed the three central examination-relevant areas of Hessian Special Administrative Law, municipal law, police and regulatory law as well as public building law, in one volume at examination level. This gap has now finally been closed by the book “Öffentliches Recht in Hessen” published by C. H. Beck. Among the three authors is Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Will, professor at EBS Law School. Prof. Will, who has been teaching and researching at EBS University since 2010, has already published textbooks on exam preparation in general administrative law and European law at Beck-Verlag.

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