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EBS student Clara von Glasow starts crowdfunding project “Sail for Climate Action”

6 February 2020 | By: Melanie Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager
Portrait Clara von Glasow

36 young climate activists – one year of planning – the mission: Travelling together with a sailing ship across the Atlantic to the World Climate Conference in Santiago de Chile. Find out why the journey was continued despite a short-term relocation and why Clara now wants to sail back to Europe with the sailing ship!

The excitement and joy were overwhelming: In early October 2019, EBS student Clara von Glasow and 35 young climate activists from Europe and Morocco began their journey to participate in the World Climate Conference 2019 in Chile and present ideas for low-emission travel. From Amsterdam, the route took them along the coast of West Africa to Brazil. The bus would then take them to Santiago de Chile. During their trip, however, Chile cancelled the World Climate Conference due to unrest - one day later Madrid was chosen as the new venue for the World Climate Conference. Now the activists had to make a decision: should they sail back or continue the journey as planned? Despite frustration and disappointment, the team decided to continue sailing, as some of the activists wanted to get involved in additional actions to maintain the Amazon. Nevertheless, the hope of participating in the world climate conference has not been disappointed. Even though they could not be there in person, they were able to convey their message with their video contribution.

Now a new, interdisciplinary team of young people from South America, the Caribbean and Europe around Clara wants to sail back to Europe. For the people of Latin America, the effects of climate change have already become evident. For Clara, one fact is clear: “Their stories need to be heard!” With the project “Sail for Climate Action!” they want to take action to raise awareness of this topic among other people. As part of the global climate movement, this project is also intended to set an example for equality of voice - regardless of a human’s ethnic origin.

The sailing ship Regina Maria will set sail from Cartagena (Colombia) on 20 February 2020 and reach the port of Amsterdam in barely two months. After its arrival, the activists plan to draw attention to the effects of climate change at various locations and events in April and May and finally, in June 2020, they plan to take part in the UNFCCC conference (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in preparation for the UN Climate Change Conference 2020) in Bonn.

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