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Professor Will on constitutional reform on hr-iNFO

10 October 2018 | By: Reception EBS Law School // Wiesbaden
Is the constitutional referendum binding on politicians?

On 8 October 2018, Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Will was interviewed by hr-iNFO on the constitutional reform in Hesse.

Today’s main topic of the radio station hr-info concerns the Hessian constitutional reform, on which the voters may vote on 28.10.2018 in the context of the Hessian state election. As an expert, the broadcaster interviewed the constitutional lawyer Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Will of EBS Law School. Professor Will, who has been teaching and researching at EBS University since 2010, worked on the constitutional reform as an expert member of the Hessian Constitutional Convention.

Here you can listen to this interview.

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