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Professor Mattmüller on employer branding in the trade magazine “Return”

19 November 2020 | By: Prof. Dr. Roland Mattmüller, Professor of Strategic Marketing

In the fifth edition of the magazine for transformation and turnaround “Return”, an new article by Professor Mattmüller and co-author Linda Rinke on the subject of employer branding in medium-sized companies appeared.

The “war for talents” is intensified by the Covid-19 crisis, because a possible oversupply of qualified workers does not guarantee a good personnel situation in the individual company. Many employers underestimate that a strong employer brand alone is not enough, especially in medium-sized companies, as it must be managed excellently.

The development of an employer brand has direct economic advantages for companies and creates awareness and awareness. A professional online presence, activities on social media and platforms like LinkedIn are essential. In addition, cooperation with colleges and universities can be valuable, as the water filter manufacturer BRITA from Taunusstein successfully proves.

Fluctuation harms companies economically, since acquiring new employees is more costly than building loyalty among existing employees. In order to successfully implement an employer brand, it is necessary to take a holistic view of HR departments that provide competent employee development. This is particularly important to generations Y and Z, who have arrived on the job market and challenge employers to deal with their values ​​and expectations.

You can read the full article in the pdf.

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