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Podcast Snack: Quarch and Phil

25 May 2021 | By: Melanie Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager
Podcast cover "Quarch & Phil" with EBS alumnus Benedikt M. Quarch

Who of the EBS community is hosting a podcast? This series provides the answer. We will present the podcasts and the people behind them shortly and concisely. Perhaps there is also an exciting podcast for you?

Quarch & Phil. That’s Dr Benedikt M. Quarch (EBS alumnus) and Phillip (“Phil”) Eischet, co-founders and managing directors of RightNow, one of the most successful European legal tech start-ups.

Since when does the podcast “Quarch & Phil” exist?

During a wine evening together in 2020, the idea came about as long-time friends. We have the necessary chemistry and, of course, enough good stories and helpful tips in store to successfully bring a podcast to life.

Why did you start this podcast?

The idea: 2 founders. 1 podcast. And an unembellished look at the ups and downs of the founder’s life – along with lots of exciting insights about founding.

There are a lot of podcasts out there – what differentiates your podcast from the others?

“Quarch & Phil” is the first and only Founders Podcast. By founders for founders - and for all those who want to become founders. We talk to exciting personalities (e.g. Carsten Maschmeyer or Ingo Lenßen) who share their very personal success stories and give insight behind the scenes of their inspiring careers.

Tune in – every second Thursday wherever podcasts are available!

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