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Podcast Snack: Mut-Menschen

2 July 2021 | By: Melanie Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager
Podcast cover "Mut-Menschen" (meaning: "courageous people") from EBS alumnus Peter Holzer

Who of the EBS community is hosting a podcast? This series provides the answer. We will present the podcasts and the people behind them shortly and concisely. Perhaps there is also an exciting podcast for you?

The brain behind the podcast “Mut-Menschen” (meaning: “courageous people”) is EBS alumnus Peter Holzer. Find out more about his motivation for this podcast.

Since when does the podcast “Mut-Menschen” exist?

The first episode went online on 1 June 2018. Incidentally, with EBS alumni Christian Funke, a fellow student of mine, as a guest.

Why did you start this podcast?

In German, the word for courage is “Mut” and has only three letters. But showing courage in real life when we are in a dark valley of tears is a big challenge for people. Instead, it is teeming with do-gooders (“Gut-Menschen”) who prefer to keep their mouths shut for fear of causing a stir somewhere. Or of angry people (German: “Wut-Menschen”) who not only shout far too loudly but are also hurtful and aggressive. And I’m willing to bet: whoever wants to look back on a fulfilled life was hopefully not a “good” (German: “Gut”) or “angry” (German: “Wut”) person - but a “courageous” (German: “Mut”) person.

There are a lot of podcasts out there – what differentiates your podcast from the others?

After I graduated, I worked for a private equity fund. The cancer diagnosis tore my career focus apart. And I needed the courage to fight for my life. I turned my back on the finance sector and started a new career as a business coach. At this time, I needed a whole lot of courage. And I came to understand: life is short. That’s why I make sure that I speak plainly with my guests - and that we don’t just talk about our lives’ beautifully glossy veneer. That’s why the podcast’s central claim is to be genuine.

Tune in – wherever podcasts are available!

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