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Paper by Prof. Dr. Markus Kreutzer and Erwin Hettich published in British Journal of Management

12 February 2021 | By: Prof. Dr. Markus Kreutzer, Professor of Strategic and International Management

Great to see our paper titled “Strategy Formation Across Organizational Boundaries: An Interorganizational Process Model”, co-authored with Erwin Hettich, from the University of St. Gallen, published as early view in British Journal of Management.

In this paper, we look at the #eMobility sector in Germany and the strategic multi-partner #initiatives formed by organizations, among them also competitors, to address complex opportunities that cut across multiple industries. We have studied how these organizations jointly create an interorganizational strategy (IOS) and developed a process model that unfolds in three phases: initiation, negotiation and execution.

We provide three key insights:

  1. Understanding how an IOS is shaped allows intervention to influence its trajectory in recurrent negotiations.
  2. Managers are nudged to appreciate that strategic impetus may come from outside.
  3. IOS is not a masterstroke but a recurrent and dispersed activity in need of overarching goals, strategic bridging and matching activity, as well as constant stabilization.

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