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Ombili means peace

18 July 2018 | By:
Beamer Ombili
SRH Project "Share your Good Fortune" supports EBS employees in social projects

In January of this year, EBS Universität’s shareholder SRH announced the project “Share your Good Fortune”. SRH would like to support its employees’ social commitment in the long term. Among others, Carmen Grahn applied for financial support for “her” project in Namibia. She sponsors a little girl there and was actively engaged in funding a laptop and projector for training purposes as well as organising film shows for the entire village.

“I would like to share my good fortune with as many people as possible. My happiness is called Roise Nkasi and is almost three years old. She lives with her parents and two siblings in a village called Nepara, which is part of the Ombili Foundation in Namibia. “Ombili” means “peace”, and the Foundation has set itself the goal of giving the San people the chance to preserve their culture and social identity. At the same time, it wants to facilitate their transition to a modern and self-determined life. The San, also known as Bushmen, are one of the oldest ethnic groups in humanity”, Carmen Grahn explains.

She had her first contact with the San on a trip across Namibia some years ago. Impressed by both country and people, she gathered as much information as she could about the culture and history of this nation. In the course of her research she then came across the Freundeskreis Ombili e.V. and has supported this association ever since. She was all the happier to find that she was no longer alone in her commitment to these people and that the SRH supported her idea. A few weeks ago she was in Nepara herself and was able to hand over the projector in person. “I met my ‘protégé’ and her family. For us the living conditions there are often hard to imagine. Yet the people are so cheerful and content. The visit touched me deeply and I am very grateful that this project has been sponsored. Thank you very much!”

Further information about the Freundeskreis Ombili e.V: https://freundeskreis-ombili.de/

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