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New Study by Prof. Dr Julia Hartmann accepted for publication at the prestigious Journal of International Business Studies

30 April 2020 | By: Diana Chitu, Office Coordinator
Bare landscape with fuel pumps that have been out of service for a long time.

This is what petrol stations could look like when companies switch to renewable energies and thus no more gas and oil is needed…

The energy transition will lead to a shift away from fossil fuels to a zero-carbon energy system. The study “Different Shades of Green: Global Oil and Gas Companies and Renewable Energy”explores management commitment to investing in the renewable energy sector among global oil and gas firms.

The authors Julia Hartmann (EBS Universität), Andrew Inkpen and Kannan Ramaswamy (both at Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona State University) ask why some firms are committed to renewable energy while others continue to maintain a distinct fossil fuels focus with little or no investment in renewable energy. The study examines a combination of country-based institutional factors and firm-based knowledge and experience factors that impact oil and gas firms’ renewable energy activity. The data is drawn from a set of the largest global oil and gas companies and includes 90 firms across 33 countries. The study’s findings suggest that management commitment to renewable energy is influenced by forces that shape the firm’s institutional environment and experience base. Regulative and normative pressures had a critical impact on management’s commitment to renewable energy investments. A country’s energy resource endowment, however, did not have an impact. The emphasis that a firm placed on environmental citizenship was positively related to management commitment to renewable energy as was the extent of the firm’s internationalization. Prior experience with renewable energy did not have any appreciable impact. Their findings provide new insights on the role of country-specific institutional factors and firm-specific factors in shaping an organization’s management commitment to renewable energy among fossil fuel-based energy companies.

Prof. Andrew Inkpen, PhD joined EBS Universität from December 2018 to March 2019 as Distinguished Visiting Professor.

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