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2016-07-15 | By: Stefanie Klein, Office Manager
Unternehmenssanktionen im Umbruch

Unternehmensstrafrecht, Embargo-Compliance und Korruptionsbekämpfung

The book focuses on the currently controversially discussed topics of corporate criminal law and anti-corruption law. The proceedings deal with basics, indicate opportunities and risks as well as illustrate the importance for corporate practice.

The first part deals with basic issues of corporate liability, such as concept of action, criminal responsibility and accountability. The NRW draft law on corporate criminal law is examined taking into account comparative law aspects and effects on corporate practice. Finally, the special role of the financial sector regarding embargoes and sanctions is described.

The second part explains the recently revised provisions on German anti-corruption law. How anti-corruption compliance has to be implemented in an international corporation is explained. Recent developments regarding Deffered and Non-Prosecution Agreements are illustrated.

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