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EBS Business School’s Meet-the-Manager series had Karl von Rohr

8 October 2020 | By: Prof. Dr. Richard Raatzsch, Professor of Practical Philosophy
Portrait of Karl von Rohr

Last Thursday, EBS Business School’s Meet-the-Manager series had Karl von Rohr as a guest.

Karl von Rohr is President of Deutsche Bank and on the Management Board responsible for the Private Bank and Asset Management, among others. He went to Law School before joining Deutsche Bank in its strategy department in 1997. EBS Business School has a long and fruitful relationship with Deutsche Bank, with quite a number of our alumni working for the bank. Yet, it is still a statement when the President spends almost one and a half hour with more than 120 of our students. The meeting, which took place on Zoom, started with student representative Ann-Sophie Schlick introducing and interviewing our guest. This was followed by a lively round of questions and answers. Von Rohr made quite an impression with his openness his expertise and friendliness. For instance, when asked what makes a good leader, his answer was: self-reflection. Elaborating on his answer, he argued that true leaders need to be aware of their strengths and their weaknesses. Of course, quite a number of other subjects were treated - like the push to digitalization by the current pandemic, the new ways Deutsche Bank stays in touch with customers, how the bank takes care of employees during the pandemic, how Postbank is being integrated and many more. The event closed with Karl von Rohr, answering a question from student Niklas Ruck, emphasizing the need to take quick and thorough action with regard to climate change and other environmental issues.

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