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Gisbert Rühl as guest at EBS Business School’s Meet-the-Manager series

17 November 2020 | By: Prof. Dr. Richard Raatzsch, Professor of Practical Philosophy
Portrait of Gisbert Rühl

Last Wednesday, we had Gisbert Rühl, CEO of Klöckner, as a guest at Meet-the-Manager.

Mr Rühl spoke about the particular tasks Klöckner is facing during the pandemic. His primary focus, however, was on the topics of digitalisation and start-ups. Klöckner is the world leader in digitalised steel trading and has been very active for several years in creating a culture of company formation. Mr Rühl also emphasised the need for any business leader to be prepared to question him- or herself continually and to empower employees to focus on strengthening diversity, which is no easy task in the steel industry.

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