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Max Bachem from AXA gives guest lecture at EBS Universität

11 February 2021 | By: Prof. Dr. Markus Kreutzer, Professor of Strategic and International Management

“How can incumbents successfully set up and orchestrate ecosystems?”

For the students of the MSc course “Managing Strategic Alliances” at EBS University, Max Bachem, Head of Corporate Development, Investments & Strategic Partnerships at AXA was invited. Max is an EBS alumnus. He has had an impressive track record at Oliver Wyman and brought the digital insurer Coya to market before taking on his current leadership role at one of the world’s largest insurance companies.

In the lecture, he gave the following insights on the initiation and orchestration of ecosystems:

  • Incumbents need to decide in which business domains to orchestrate their own ecosystem and where to contribute as a complement
  • Before establishing ecosystems, the value proposition to the customer must be crystal-clear to clarify the scope of business activities and attract the right complement
  • Building ecosystems that complement the core business of incumbents requires novel organizational structures – increased partnering activities with a variety of players forces firms to build agile ways of working across functional departments and administrative boundaries, guided by the focal customer value proposition

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