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Leadership competencies as the key to people-centered development

23 October 2020 | By:
FAU - Kursstart September 2020

Leading in times of crisis, agile management of projects and resources as well as mastering modern leadership approaches have developed into cross-industry core competencies and essential career development prerequisites. For decades, EBS University has been successful in providing extra-occupational coaching training, and is committed to expanding its offer for professionals in this important, growing and valuable discipline for strategic career planning.

With the new part-time certificate program “Leadership in an agile environment” this mission is successfully implemented. In accordance with the principle “only those who can manage themselves can also manage others”, the second year of this intensive leadership study program started in September 2020.

Program co-initiator and lecturer Michael Hartmann, together with the participants, all of whom already have leadership experience, laid the foundations for leadership-oriented reflection and gave a first overview of the philosophy of the Systemic-Constructivist. The studying working persons from completely different industries (from banks over real estates, management consultation or also fashion) set themselves personal learning goals, whose reaching is individually reflected at the end of the training further program. In practice-oriented group exercises, change processes were examined and discussed from different perspectives. Between the individual modules there are 21-day challenges in which the participants train their self-observation and reflection skills.

In the next module, the participants delve deeper into the thematic block “the person as a leader”. Other focal points of the program are Leadership 4.0, mind management and coaching as a management tool. After successfully completing six seminar blocks, participants will be entitled to bear the title “Professional for Leadership Agility (EBS)”.

The program is conducted in partnership with the TLEX Institute, which specializes in leadership training. The TLEX Institute’s lecturers for this EBS certificate program, Christoph Glaser and Maria Lorenz, train leadership skills in organizations such as Accenture, GE, BMW, Microsoft, the World Bank and the Havard Business School worldwide and guarantee a high degree of transfer into work practice.

Marie-Luise Retzmann, Director of the EBS Executive School, comments: “We are sure that we will start with a group of interested professionals who appreciate agile and mindful approaches for themselves and in their individual role as leaders. The demand for coaching and leadership skills will continue to grow”.

The program is conducted in German.

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