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Law students of EBS Universität share experiences of their trimester abroad

27 February 2019 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
EBS student and international students at the Exchange Evening

Law students talk about their semester abroad

Will a stay abroad help me in my professional development? Do I lose too much time? Law students all over Germany struggle with these and other questions as most law faculties do not provide for a semester abroad. EBS Universität und Wirtschaft students spend their seventh semester as scheduled at one of the around 90 partner universities. Last week, students informed their fellow classmates about their time abroad at the Exchange Evening.

“My trimester abroad at the FGV Sao Paulo opened up completely new perspectives for me and gave me a different view of the problems in the world. When you think of Brazil, the first thing you have in mind is sun, beach and samba. When you are there, you also recognize the problems in the country with a lot of crime and poverty,” says EBS student Süleyman Cicek, reflecting on his stay in Brazil. “In South Africa, people don’t talk about the weather,” continues Daniela Polchau, who completed her trimester abroad at Stellenbosch University. “With fellow students and professors, I exchanged views on current socio-political issues on a daily basis. That made me reflect a lot”. Personal development, ethical action and reflection are important success factors for the later professional careers of the students, whom they learn during their semester abroad.

The exchange about other legal systems and schools of thought with fellow students from all over the world during the semester abroad allows students to look beyond their own horizons. They have the unique opportunity to question cultural and historical backgrounds and thus better understand their motives. They not only improve their knowledge of foreign languages, but also acquire the ability to make comparative legal references to foreign law. In addition, students gain a large intercultural network. “I have been able to make many friends and our shared experiences are a strong bond,” reports Philipp Roese from his time at the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Milan.

During their semester abroad, students learn methods of time and self-management, teamwork and stress management almost in passing. “During my time in Canada, I learned to be much more independent. From my decision to go to McGill until my return, I planned and organized everything myself. The International Programmes Office at EBS, however, supported me in all things at all times. Going to a foreign country can be scary at first, but at the end of the trimester I didn’t want to go home anymore,” says Melih Esmer about his time at McGill University in Montréal. “It was a great time with unforgettable experiences.”

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