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L’Oréal Workshop on September 26th, 2016

13 October 2016 | By:

On Tuesday, September 26th , 2016, our chair of Strategic Marketing and a selective group of EBS students drove to L’Oréal’s headquarters in Düsseldorf as every fall term. On-site, the students of the Bachelors and Masters programme participated in an interactive case study with the topic “digitalisation”. Under the direction of Carsten Lackner, Programmatic Lead Manager L’Oréal DACH, and Anna Röser, Talent Acquisition Manager L’Oréal Deutschland, it was the participants’ task to make a strategic decision whether the cosmetics brand “Urban Decay” should distribute its products via an own online store or via an electronic retail store in the future. First, the students conducted an analysis of the beauty market as well as the brand’s competitors and their ways of distribution. Subsequent, Urban Decay’s customers and their purchasing behavior were studied and based on this information, solutions to the tasks were derived. Finally, the results of each team were presented and discussed. Here, the students from EBS were able to apply their analytical as well as creative skills to a real-life case and convinced L’Oréal’s employees of their strategies regarding the digitalisation of Urban Decay’s distribution. We would like express our greatest gratitude to L’Oréal for another successful workshop with many interesting insights and are looking forward to our next event in line with our close cooperation.

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