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Invitation to the conference Recent Trends in Financial Research

28 January 2015 | By: Vanda Klein, Office Manager

On behalf of the chair of Financial Econometrics and Asset Managemet, Prof. Sandra Paterlini invited to the conference

Recent Trends in Financial Research

Recent trends in financial research were presented.

Guest Lecturer:

Falko Fecht, Frankfurt School of Finance, Frankfurt Title: “Strains on Money Market Makers and Money Market Tension”

Ben Craig, Federal Rserve Bak of Cleveland, USA Title: “Spatial dependence and data-Driven Networks of International Banks”

Roland Füss, Universität St. Gallen, Schweiz Title: “Something in the air: Information Density, Surprises and Price Jumps”

Rasa Karapandza, EBS Title: “Out-of-Sample Equity Premium Predictability and Sample Split Invariant Inference”

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