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International students study one term “Transnational Commercial Law” at EBS Law School

18 October 2018 | By: Reception EBS Law School // Wiesbaden
EBS Law Term 2018

More than 40 international students from all six continents have enrolled for their “EBS Law Term” at EBS Law School to study Transnational Commercial Law in Wiesbaden for a term in English.

Under the academic direction of Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Will, the study program includes a variety of electives in addition to the basic compulsory subjects, such as Transnational Arbitration Law, European Competition Law, International Banking Law and Transnational Securities Law. Various optional subjects, for which internationally renowned professors and experts from commercial law firms and companies have been recruited, are offered worldwide exclusively within the framework of the EBS Law Term. The very intensive study programme is rounded off by workshops at major international law firms and excursions, for example to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

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