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Innovation Workshop at AbbVie

5 December 2017 | By:
Students attending a workshop at ABBVIE

On November 24, 2017, the pharmaceutical company AbbVie, a longtime partner of the Chair for Strategic Marketing, invited students from EBS to a one-day workshop to its Headquarters in Wiesbaden. The workshop by Mrs. Roos (Innovation Manager) took place under the motto “Innovation”. The task for the participants was to develop a strategy that motivates patients that suffer from the chronic illness Bechterews disease, to engage in regular physical exercises, in order to reduce pain. This current case from practice provided students with interesting insights into the pharmaceutical industry. The students had to develop innovative and customer centric products, services, and strategies with the help of methods from AbbVie’s Innovation Toolbox. Moreover, the students learned how to generate customer insights, develop creative ideas and concepts, and easily test assumptions by means of quick prototyping. In small groups, participants worked on the case intensively and prepared a presentation. At the end of the day, the presentations were hold and afterwards, the ideas were discussed. For the students of EBS this workshop was another successful and interesting event at the pharmaceutical company and we are looking forward to our next joint project.

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