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Helene Lange School visits the EBS

25 May 2018 | By:
EBS Global Day mit der Helene-Lange-Schule

The jury evaluating the pupils’ role plays consisted of EBS students.

For 100 students, the topic at Global Day was a fairer world order

He was immediately thrilled when Timur Geroev “stormed” into the Rectorate with his idea. Frank Schulze, Head of Middle School at Helene Lange School, explains how Global Day was launched at EBS Universität. Student Timur Geroev was himself a former student at the Wiesbaden model school and now wanted to give something back as part of a service learning project. Service Learning is a concept for practical ethics training at EBS in which business students volunteer and then reflect on their experience from an academic viewpoint. So why not give the pupils a deeper understanding of the topic of globalisation and social responsibility? “I wanted to use the project to show that not only the small sphere around each individual should be treated with respect, but that the whole world now has strong global connections, the effects of which we feel every day,” says initiator Geroev. No sooner said than done: 100 young people came to visit the campus in Oestrich-Winkel and, guided by students in the form of role plays, acted out global trade relations and solutions for potential conflicts.

In the 10th grade, globalisation is a project topic at the integrated comprehensive school, which is also one of the so-called Club of Rome schools for sustainable development. So the students were very happy to be shown a slightly different approach. “We want to open up the school to new ideas wherever we can,” says Frank Schulze. “When you have a certain phenomenon explained by experts, it just seems different.” Dr. Marcus Kreikebaum, Executive Director of the Centre for Business Ethics, and Prof. Dr. Karin Kreutzer, Professor of Social Business, each illustrated the topic in a lecture. Using two products that the young people know, Professor Kreutzer explained the differences between a business, an NGO and a social business. It was important to her to show how strategic consumption can actually influence global processes.

Afterwards, the students worked out and presented solutions for fairer trade relations in four role plays. From the Senegalese couple to the poultry farm Krisenhof in Osnabrück and the Minister of Agriculture, they covered all roles and their creative dialogues caused the odd chuckle in the audience. For example, when Mr Mayer introduced himself as a “long-time poultry consumer” and confirmed that the customer is still demanding cheap meat. But serious issues such as concern for jobs, the national economy or global poverty were also raised and discussed. At the end of the day, Dr. Kreikebaum was impressed by the participant’s commitment: “These were all very alert, motivated young people. They are very interested in economic topics, especially if you pick them up in everyday life. I’m already looking forward to a sequel next year!”

Further information about the Helene-Lange-Schule: http://www.helene-lange-schule.de/

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