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Handbook Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance

11 February 2021 | By: Stefanie Klein, Office Manager
Book "Corporate Social Responsibility Compliance" by Prof. Dr. Michael Nietsch

Beck-Verlag will soon publish the practical work on social responsibility in the corporate sector with a systematic classification of ESG factors and sustainability-related legal obligations.

Companies today are at the crossroads between comprehensive legal obligations and social responsibility. ESG factors and sustainability-related legal commitments go hand in hand with social responsibility (CSR) and increasingly merge. This work provides a systematic classification of this essentially new area of corporate law and is the ideal tool for dealing with the associated implementation issues and challenges.

Among other things, it deals with:

  • Fundamentals and objectives of CSR and sustainability in the corporate sector
  • Legal reporting obligations on sustainability issues
  • Sector- and industry-specific challenges

Prof. Dr. Michael Nietsch, the editor of the work, combines experience from science and practice as director of the Center for Corporate Compliance. The team of authors has relevant experience in legal areas relevant to sustainability.

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