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Guest lecture by Simon Salzman from Boehringer Ingelheim at EBS

24 February 2021 | By: Prof. Dr. Markus Kreutzer, Professor of Strategic and International Management
Guest Lecture Simon Salzmann

“How did COVID-19 impact M&A in the pharma industry?” We invited Simon Salzman, Senior Manager M&A at Boehringer Ingelheim to our MSc course on “Managing Mergers and Acquisitions”.

After working in corporate finance and investment banking at Accuracy and Lincoln International Simon “switched sides” and now leads M&A deals at Boehringer Ingelheim.

In his talk, Simon shared valuable insights into current M&A dynamics in the pharma industry:

  • While the COVID-19 crisis is often compared to the credit crunch in 2007/2008, markets have quickly recovered and a surge in strategic deal activity can be observed.
  • The existing liquidity in the market continues to finance rising biotech firms, which outperform classical pharma companies’ performance.
  • Under these circumstances, pharma incumbents need to navigate corporate development modes diligently: Early ties to aspiring biotech firms can lead to valuable advantages in the bidding process.
  • The acquisition process does not stop after the deal transaction: To leverage the biotech firms’ unique intellectual property, post-merger integration strategies already need to be crafted while assessing the target company.

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