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Future Talents at the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht

24 January 2018 | By:
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Student Eileen Beuchel joins the renowned WiWi Talents Top-Flight Academic Programme

For many years, the Chair of Strategic Marketing under the leadership of EBS Professor Roland Mattmüller has had the opportunity to propose talented students for the WiWi Talents Top-Flight Academic Programme, and a number of EBS students have already been accepted for the Programme. This year, student Eileen Beuchel was successful: strong teamwork ability, a problem-oriented mind-set and excellent presentation skills form the basis of the recommendation to be admitted to the talent programme of WiWi-Talents.

Funding supports students of economics and related disciplines in their academic and personal development. Thanks to intensive networking between the talents and numerous companies, the Programme facilitates the sponsorship of future professionals and executives for more than 500 well-known companies in German-speaking countries. The chosen talents are given the opportunity to submit their curriculum vitae to be published in the “WiWi-Talents Book” which is then made available to HR decision-makers from cooperating companies. At the same time, the chairs that have contributed to the talented students’ successful application, and with that to the proven success of a practice-oriented education, are then added to the list of selected chairs on WiWi-online.

More information about WiWi Talents Top-Flight Academic Programme on: https://www.wiwi-online.de/WiWi-Talents

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