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Expert articles on the e-food trend in Germany in the professional magazine ,,Markenartikel’’

6 October 2021 | By: Prof. Dr. Roland Mattmüller, Professor of Strategic Marketing
Ordering food online

This year in May and June, Prof. Dr. Roland Mattmüller, his research assistant Julia Elspaß and management consultant Dr. Harald Münzberg published the bipartite article ,,Gold-rush mood in e-food’’ within the profesional magazine ,,Markenartikel’’. In these publications, the authors discussed the sales boom in online food retailing caused by Corona and the question whether the trend is here to stay. Moreover, the authors explore what course needs to be set and what challenges need to be overcome in order to continue and manifest the successful triumph in German online food retailing in the post-pandemic ,,new normal’’.

Anxiety of supply shortages, long lines at supermarkets, the call for social distancing as well as home office work have changed grocery shopping behavior and led to an increased number of digital offerings at grocery retailers. While the crisis poses major challenges for retailers with insufficient digital offerings, there is a significant growth potential for other market players with advanced digital activities, as numerous examples demonstrate.

A glance at the online retail systems in the German grocery sector shows that a successful entry and long-term success in the online grocery market can be increased by suppliers’ efficiency, for example in logistics. On the other hand, effectiveness for the customer side, such as the handling of the purchase and delivery process within the customer journey, needs to be enhanced as best as possible in order to be able to generate competitive sales. It is not enough to simply digitize the existing offline retail world, instead a sustainable business model, a customer-centric experience, and an understanding of online grocery on the part of retailers and customers must be established.

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