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Excursion to London: Dr. Kerstin Hennig is the new Academic Ethics Officer of the IES Coalition at the EBS Universität

15 June 2018 | By: Kathrin Casaroli, Academic Manager Real Estate Management Institute
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During a three-day excursion to London last week (June 7 - 9, 2018), the participants of the contact study programme Real Estate Economics had a workshop on the subject of Real Estate Valuation & Cash Flow Modeling. The distinguished research specialist and lecturer Stephen Lee from the CAS Business School of London’s City University provided students with essential knowledge on international property valuation and up-to-date information on London as a property location. Participants also had the opportunity to meet representatives of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The contact study programme Real Estate Economics is a course of studies accredited by RICS, whereby successful graduates fulfil the academic requirements necessary to become members of the RICS.

On the roof terrace of the RICS headquarters, Peter Bolton King, Trustee for RICS, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, IES Coalition, presented the International Ethics Standards Coalition certificate to Dr. Kerstin Hennig, Head of EBS REMI.

The International Ethics Standards Coalition (https://ies-coalition.org/) has set itself the goal of establishing universal ethical principles in the real estate sector. Adherence to high-quality, international and principle-based ethical standards provides a basis for professionalism and confidence in the market, as will continue to be the case in training and further education at the Real Estate Management Institute of the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht.

Another highlight of the London excursion was a visit to the Zaha Hadid Gallery (http://zaha-hadid-design.com/gallery) and the subsequent meeting with the world-famous Zaha Hadid Architects. A unique opportunity to look behind the scenes at one of the top architectural firms in the world. The architects presented current and past Zaha Hadid projects and gave the participants the opportunity to get to know experimental software for the optimisation of building space. The participants were thrilled!

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