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Embrace the Change!

28 September 2018 | By:
At the 29th EBS Symposium prominent guests, including Christian Lindner, discussed social change

In what way do I need to change myself in order to meet today’s career requirements? And how does a company need to adapt itself to present-day change to ensure it is not overtaken by the latest trends? These are questions which the student organisers of this year’s EBS Symposium asked themselves. The title they gave the Economic Congress held for the 29th time on the EBS Castle Campus was “Embrace the Change!”

Professor Markus Ogorek, President of the EBS University, was delighted with the choice of this year’s motto: “It shows that EBS graduates are prepared to adopt an active approach to social change. If and when young people take their future into their own hands and shape it to the benefit of society, then we have fulfilled our mission as an educational establishment.” The prominent speakers who discussed the subject in front of more than 800 visitors over a three-day period included the leader of the liberal Free Democratic Party of Germany Christian Lindner, the head of Amazon Germany Ralf Kleber, and this year’s patron Prof. Dr. Dr. Ann-Kristin Achleitner, economics professor and a member of various supervisory boards, including the German Stock Exchange.

Focus on networking

Just under 30 companies had stands at the Career Fair, among them management consultants KPMG, consumer goods group Procter & Gamble, toy manufacturer Mattel and the Rothschild Bank. The young professionals had an opportunity to get to know possible future employers not only through conversations at the stands but also through the companies’ presentations. For example, Frank Siemes, a partner at Deloitte, outlined the diverse career and further education opportunities for young employees. The experienced consultant’s advice to the students: “The most important thing in the choice of an employer is how one fits in with the corporate culture. The feelgood factor is more important than the size of the salary, because it gives you the necessary energy to perform really well.”

Towards the end of the day there was a Fireside Chat, at which the co-founder of Delivery Hero and foodpanda, Benjamin Bauer, and the co-founder of Emma Mattresses, Max Laarmann, spoke of their experience during the early days of their startups. Laarmann talked frankly about his ‘passion’ and about the birth of Emma Mattresses. “Why is it still so complicated nowadays to buy a new mattress?” Thinking about this conundrum, he hit on the bright idea of simply ordering mattresses online! However, speaking to almost one hundred interested listeners in the open air, the entrepreneur also made reference to teething troubles such as financial bottlenecks and painful dismissals.

“Yeast in the dough of the educational landscape”

For the next talk, given by Christian Lindner, the Walther Leisler Kiep Centre was bursting at the seams. Addressing a packed audience of around 300, the leader of the liberal Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) gave a talk entitled “A new political generation in Europe”. Lindner expressed his approval of the establishment of the new student department “EBS Politics” and the networking of EBS at local politics level in Oestrich-Winkel. Speaking about the role of private institutes of higher education in Germany, he said: “I see private institutes of higher education as yeast in the dough of the educational landscape. The private universities and colleges not only compete with one another: they also compete with the public universities and consequently spur the latter on to new heights of excellence. With the development of leading-edge technologies and innovative didactics you can be pacesetters in this field.” And what could be more appropriate for this than the slogan “Embrace the change”?

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