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EBSSounds // Study Break Concert

6 March 2019 | By:

University means creativity, community and teamwork. But sometimes university can also mean studying a lot for exams. During this time, the best thing you can do is to take a creative break from studying to free your mind from fears and facts.

With the Study Break Concert 2018, the student clubs EBSounds and In Vino Veritas offered an opportunity to achieve this goal. With quiet songs ranging from classical to modern, EBSounds was looking for a creative break in the intermediate phase. Following a planned concert programme, In Vino Veritas served our visitors the renowned EBS Riesling, who then met in this relaxed and quiet atmosphere. In fact, the music did not stop after the concert part: With two guitars, a piano and numerous singing EBSounds members and concert visitors, a spontaneous jam session began that lasted into the late evening hours. All in all, the concert was a great experience and a happy evening. We are already looking forward to our next events!

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