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EBSdigital: Alone, but not lonesome at home

20 March 2020 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Portrait Marie-Luise Retzmann

“Empowering You in Times of Social Distancing”: How do EBS members deal with the current situation? Marie-Luise Retzmann, head of the coaching programme for students at EBS Universität, gives tips to counteract the feeling of loneliness.

We are receiving clear instructions from the federal government to protect us all from the coronavirus: Stay at home, keep two feet of distance from other people, keep social contact to a minimum. We are supposed to withdraw from all areas - being alone! Being alone is freely chosen, I can be alone, and if I want to, I can meet with others again. But at the moment for many people the part of being alone is not freely chosen and therefore the feeling of loneliness often arises. Loneliness can culminate in questions like “Who cares what I do” or “Who is still interested in me? Before this negative loop begins, it makes sense to become active and ask yourself the following questions: What do I need? What is good for me?

Do I need music? Then I should use it. Turn up your favourite music loud and dance around the room.

Do I need contact? When I’m skypeing or using the online tool Zoom, I can arrange to have breakfast with friends and family. By seeing faces and communicating together, which also appeals to the senses (“What kind of jam do you have on the table?”), you don’t get tempted too quickly to become lonely.

Can/want I care for others? Call someone you know is alone or go shopping for neighbours.

You can also use this time of deceleration to learn more about yourself and to pay more attention to yourself and your feelings - some people will be amazed by the diversity they possess! A little more self-knowledge is helpful, no matter what age you are!

Conclusion: Accept what the situation is, protect as well as possible and look forward to the next day in a positive way!

Marie-Luise Retzmann is Director of the EBS Executive School and Head of the EBS Coaching Programme. Every EBS student - whether in a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme, guest student or doctoral candidate - receives personal coaching on request. The coaches are experienced managers from the industry who undergo a standardized training at EBS University to become a “systemic coach (EBS)”. The coaching sessions with the students as an optional offer are designed to help them further develop their personality. The coaching offer is part of the academic education and is unique in the German university landscape and is therefore not offered - in this form - at any other university in the German-speaking world. Currently, there are free online coaching sessions for students.


In this biggest global pandemic since the Spanish flu, we are all challenged to slow the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. EBS Universität would like to make its contribution to this and has been offering courses since Monday, 16 March 2020 until further notice completely in the form of interactive video or audio conferences and e-learning, in which students interact directly with their professors, have room for discussion and there is basically no difference to a normal lecture (except presence). In this way, we fully maintain the lectures. These measures enable us to ensure that students can complete their semester or studies on time as planned. The safety and health of the EBS community and all visitors is of utmost importance to EBS University. We have been actively following developments since the first reports of the SARS-Cov-2 based disease in China. So far, there are no confirmed or suspected cases of the disease at our university or in its environment. We continue to consider personal contact with students to be an important part of a successful study program and a successful start: all employees and professors can be reached by phone, e-mail or video call - in the home office or as the last remaining person from the office.

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